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Let’s Create And Offer A Better World To Street Children

Children in our country hold the key to a developed country with a bright future. However, not all of them receive the treatment they merit. Unfortunately, our country’s street children suffer the most from the economic downturn, shoddy infrastructure, and crumbling system. To ensure that they develop into better citizens of the country, it is […]

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Donate For Street Children Who Deserve More Support From The Society

Street children in India have been struggling for most of their childhood to make ends meet. It is an excruciating task to survive on the harsh streets, also known as the underbelly that is not talked about. Many day-to-day atrocities take place that severely affects children in particular. After all, their impressionable minds and developing bodies […]

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Your Support Can Protect The Future Of India’s Street Children

All children deserve an environment with love, care, protection, and basic resources. Utilities like a safe shelter, basic education, healthy meals, and healthcare facilities are a must for children across all backgrounds. Unfortunately, this is not the case with street and working children. Education for street children continues to be a distant aspiration. Instead of being […]

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