Your Support Can Protect The Future Of India’s Street Children

India’s Street Children

All children deserve an environment with love, care, protection, and basic resources. Utilities like a safe shelter, basic education, healthy meals, and healthcare facilities are a must for children across all backgrounds. Unfortunately, this is not the case with street and working children.

Education for street children continues to be a distant aspiration. Instead of being an obvious requirement, many children on the streets struggle with everyday battles like protecting themselves, find scraps to eat and making ends meet to have a shelter etc. Surviving on the harsh streets can be overwhelming for a child and what makes matters worse is that they are deprived of mentors or any responsible adults around them who can help guide them.

This is why many children fall under the trap of illegal activities and end up engaging with the wrong company. Several trafficked children follow the lead of those that rob, cheat, or encourage the children to protect themselves by harming others. Such actions affect children for the long run where they become even more clueless about their actions and the repercussions.  

Many children also face mental health issues due to drug abuse, physical or sexual abuse, violence, abandonment, and trauma of many types. From sleepless nights to anger issues, from addiction to lack of social skills, underprivileged children face many tough situations that their impressionable mind and gentle spirit is unable to process. This is why street children need all the more positive reinforcement and constant support system to help them recover and revive from the experiences of the underbelly of the streets.

Salaam Baalak Trust, one of the most reputed non-profit organisations, works hard to give a promising future to children in India. SBT runs multiple shelter homes for boys and girls and provides clothing, food, and proper education for the children. SBT also runs mental health programs and ensures that children receive quality medical resources.

You can also donate to children’s medical aid​ and ensure they finally have people rooting for their well-being. After all, all children deserve to lead a happy childhood and have a fair chance at a promising future. Donate to Salaam Baalak Trust now!