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Protecting India’s Street Children with Safe Shelters

In India, the plight of street children reflects a pressing need to ensure they have access to safe shelters. These marginalised children, often forced onto the streets due to poverty, abuse, or abandonment, endure immense hardship daily. Amidst chaotic urban landscapes, they face risks of exploitation, violence, substance abuse, and trafficking, exposing them to dangers […]

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Providing Safe Shelters to Empower Children in Need

In the bustling streets of India, where life’s challenges are evident, a safe shelter emerges as a beacon of hope for the most vulnerable among us – street and working children. These shelters serve as sanctuaries, providing a haven from the harsh realities they face daily. A safe shelter offers these children more than just […]

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The Importance of Safe Shelters for Street Children

Street children are one of the most vulnerable groups in society, deprived of the safety and protection that a home and adult supervision provide. Living on the streets exposes them to numerous dangers, such as violence, exploitation, substance abuse, and a lack of access to education and healthcare. In this blog post, we will explore […]

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