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Performing Arts

SBT Girls Dance Performance After the first performance in 1989, a child walked up to Mr Sanjoy Roy and said, "Bhaiya, pehle to main sochta tha ki koi humari baat sunte nahin hain, aur ab maine dekha ki itne bade bade log baith ke auditorium mein humari baat sun rahe hain. Main to kabhi socha bhi nahin ki ye mumkin ho sakta hai." (Brother, I used to think that nobody listens to us, but today I saw so many important people sitting in the auditorium, listening to us. I never thought it was possible).

Through the experience of performing arts, SBT has successfully instilled this sense of self-confidence and dignity, which is otherwise amiss in the lives of these children. Believing in the latent talent of every child, performing arts are used as the springboard to enable the journey of reflection, expression, and empowerment.