Success Stories

Shivalak | Centre Name: DMRC

Hailing from a low-income family in Madhepura (Bihar), Shivalak had to start working at the tender age of five. After joining SBT, he completed his training and Master’s degree in Physical Education. Shivalak then got a job as a Karate teacher in a school. Today, he teaches in 25 schools and five clubs, and strives to impart the values he learnt at SBT to other underprivileged children.

Roma | Centre Name: Arushi

Roma came to SBT when she was very young and today, she has a scholarship from VAHANI for her under-graduation. Currently, Roma is pursuing a course in Journalism and Mass Communication and received a Gandhi Fellowship that she will join soon after her exams.

Ritu | Centre Name: Arushi

Ritu was born in a very poor family in Jhansi. Her alcoholic father abandoned her mother and her three siblings. Due to the poor economic situation, they were soon living on the streets of Delhi. Ritu came to SBT in the year 2002 as she was hoping to become financially independent so that she can support her mother one day and give her a comfortable life. Unfortunately, she lost her mother and her elder sister last year and is now taking care of her sister's children. Besides managing all of this, Ritu is pursuing a course in Fashion Designing from Pearl Academy and aspires to become a successful designer.

Rani | Centre Name: Arushi

Rani never attended school and was only made to do household chores at her relatives' home where she lived. One day, she escaped from their house and was rescued by a police team and brought to SBT. SBT enrolled Rani in a formal school where she secured 85% in class 12th boards and got admission in B.A. (Hons.) Hindi Patrakarita (Journalism). Currently, she is working as an HR person at Varuna Integrated Logistics, Gurugram and completing her final semester.

Mritunjay Soni | Centre Name: DMRC

Mritunjay lost his mother at 7 and his father remarried but his stepmother never cared for him I was forced to leave his studies and work at a jewellery shop but Mritunjay ran away as he was beaten regularly. He started rag-picking and lived on the streets of Delhi where SBT rescued him and today, Mritunjay has completed Bachelor's of Science in Medical Laboratory from Lovely Professional University (LPU). He is currently working as a Medical Lab Superintendent with the Indian Railways.

Raja | Centre Name: DMRC

Four years back, SBT rescued Raja from the railway platform of Old Delhi Railway Station. He has speech and hearing impairment but despite all odds, he learnt Sign Language and computers. He is now working in a salon’s housekeeping department and is independent and happy.

Deepak | Centre Name: Praveen Contact Point

Homelessness and dysfunctional families often drive children toward drug addiction. One such child is Deepak found by SBT's outreach team. Deepak was heavily dependent on drugs and after much insistence by our team, he started visiting the daycare centre. He eventually agreed to visit a rehabilitation centre and is now completely off drugs. Deepak is currently enrolled in open school learning and is a peer educator at the SBT.

Danish | Centre Name: Apna Ghar

Danish ran away from home when he was 6 and lived at New Delhi Railway Station for 8 years as a ragpicker and polished shoes. He came to SBT for four years where he worked at the GRP Contact Point with street children for one year and another year as a tour guide for SBT's City Walk. Danish graduated from Delhi University in 2014 and completed M.Sc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Bristol in the UK. Today, Danish is a Co-Founder and Director of Street Connections company, a social enterprise.

Rekha | Centre Name: Udaan

Rekha came to SBT when she was 12 years old as her mother did not have the financial or emotional means to support her. She was a little girl with resilience and high hopes for a bright future, and she fought all odds to achieve what she wanted. Today, she has completed her Bachelor's in Spanish.

Rakhi | Centre Name: Udaan

Rakhi came to SBT at the age of 16 and worked extremely hard to get a job in the service department of GOOGLE. Today, she is taking care of her younger sister and her studies as well. Even though Rakhi was a teen when she joined SBT, the focus was always on education which led her to complete her education through an open school.

Suman | Centre Name: Udaan

Suman completed her graduation from IP College for Women, University of Delhi. She is also a Gandhi Fellowship recipient and is currently working towards the education of children in a village in Uttarakhand.

Khushboo | Centre Name: Udaan

Khushboo completed her graduation from the Indian Institute of Craft & Design and is now working as a designer at the well-known store, Shades of India.