Preventive Health
& Nutrition

Children on the streets live in unsanitary conditions and are prone to various infections and diseases. Therefore, regular medical check-ups of the children are done at the full-care Residential Centres and Contact Points. Individual health cards are maintained for each child. Whenever required, pathological tests are conducted as per the recommendation of the doctors. We have a full-time doctor employed at SBT solely for this purpose. Apart from that, we also invite external doctors or get the children treated by specialists at hospitals. Children are regularly vaccinated against Hepatitis-B and Tetanus. Also, the health camps are organised at the Contact Points to strengthen awareness and support the basic health needs of the communities.

To meet the nutritional needs of children, nutritionally balanced and hot-cooked meals are served at the Residential Centres and Contact Points. The meals are prepared in the kitchen space provided at the centre under the supervision of staff members to ensure safe and hygienic practices. In some cases, children have special nutritional requirements due to illnesses such as tuberculosis and malnutrition. Such children are provided with special nutrition, including protein supplements, and additional servings of fruits and milk, as prescribed by the doctor.