Street Children Deserve A Healthy And Wholesome Childhood

All children deserve a life that includes basic resources, protection, encouragement, and opportunities to grow. Their birth-right includes utilities as well as a wholesome environment that helps them prosper and constantly strive for excellence.

A conducive environment for children also includes one where they are surrounded by mentors and other encouraging adults who guide them and support them through all hurdles and milestones. Regular schooling, hot and nutritious meals that they have access to at least thrice a day, a safe shelter, and quality healthcare facilities are some of the resources that play a pivotal role in all children’s lives. These are all necessities that help them in many ways to lead a happy childhood and strive for a better future.

But in the case of street children, the reality is quite different. There is a dearth of material and emotional support, and what makes matters worse is that they need to fend for themselves in an unforgiving and tough world on the streets.

Deprived of mental health and tools to handle difficult situations does not help their cause either. From facing everyday challenges alone to falling into the traps of substance abuse, many factors play a part in the deteriorating conditions of underprivileged children. Some children also end up participating in child labour where they work long hours as daily wage earners for minimum pay. This affects them mentally, physically, and emotionally, and also depletes their chances of landing a stable and well-paying job in the future.

One of the most reputed non-profit organisations is Salaam Baalak Trust that has been working to rescue and rehabilitate street and working children. You can donate for children’s medical aid and help SBT ensure that abandoned children have a better childhood and a promising future.

The NGO runs shelter homes and many child-centric programs to help provide essential resources for children. SBT also provides love and care, besides running mental health programs to help with de-addiction and other trauma that children are afflicted with from their time on the streets. So wait no more and donate to Salaam Baalak Trust today!