Celebrate Independence Day By Protecting Street Children In India

Protecting Street Children In India

Street children can be found all over India – at bus stops, railways stations, dark alleys, poverty-stricken colonies, highways etc. Their existence is often ignored by the privileged ones but that needs to stop. After all, a country’s progress is defined by how the youth is progressing, and the reality of street children is deplorable. Millions of children live without adult supervision or any sort of essential resources. They do not have access to monetary or mental support to help navigate life and grow in a healthy environment.

15th August is here! A special day for Indians across the globe as Independence Day is celebrated with much pride and pomp. This day cannot be commemorated without acknowledging the issue and vowing to be more rigorous in protecting underprivileged children. Their plight needs to heard and resolved in more ways than one. From everyday violence to life-threatening scenarios, from zero accountability to illegal activities, from acute poverty to lack of any scope of a healthy and happy future, street children, like all other children, deserve a better life.

Some basic resources help lead a quality life for everyone, including underprivileged children who do not have these aids. These include quality education, regular and nutritious meals, proper healthcare facilities, and a safe shelter. Children also require love, care, protection, and mental health support to grow in nurturing and positive surroundings.

A conducive environment for children must include these integral resources and Salaam Baalak Trust, a well-known non-profit organization in India, ensures it. SBT rescues and reunites children with their respective families, or places them at SBT’s Children’s Homes. SBT also ensures that children are well looked after and have an opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities like sports, performing arts etc.

This Independence Day, you can grab the opportunity to celebrate the true spirit of the occasion by helping SBT protect children. They deserve to attend school and have a good job in the future. So, donate for children’s medical aid and help Salaam Baalak Trust run its programs for the welfare of children. Support now!