Your Donation Can Give Many Street Children A Safe And Healthy Life

We all strive to grow and thrive with the help of the many resources at our disposal. We desire the best in everything in our life, including relationships, good health, and successful careers. However, street children do not have the luxury to do so as they live with little or no resources. Their birthright of having access to a safe shelter, regular meals, education, and overall protection is not extended to them. Rather, children go through helplessness to make ends meet and many times, they end up getting involved in illegal activities like pickpocketing, prostitution, etc.

Street children are susceptible to innumerable uncertainties at every nook and corner on a daily basis. The dangers of being surrounded by aggressive adults in overwhelming and harsh environments, without any supervision, make them more prone to violence and abuse. This is one of the many reasons why children living on the streets frequently give in to drug use. Their mental health deteriorates due to daily beatings, working long hours for minimum wages, loneliness etc. Many children are runaways who have faced abuse in varied forms and try to escape that life, only to fall into a similar or worse trap of the unforgiving streets of India. This makes matters worse for their mental health with each passing year.

It is time to donate for street children and give them a better life, one that is full of promise and opportunities. Several non-profit organisations are working hard to run child-centric programmes that improve the quality of life of children. Salaam Baalak Trust is a reputed NGO that has been rescuing and rehabilitating street children. SBT provides full care and protection to street children and ensures they are well taken care of. For a few decades now, SBT has been providing shelter homes, educational opportunities, healthcare facilities, and healthy meals. Many of these underprivileged children have gone on to become successful artists, entrepreneurs, working professionals, social workers etc. They have been encouraged, supported, and championed to evolve and maximise their potential. Your donation to SBT, the NGO in Delhi NCR, shall support Salaam Baalak Trust’s tireless work to protect children in need. So wait no more and support now!