Street Children Must Have A Better Future Where They Learn And Grow

India has a large population of street children. Using India’s massive rail system, children run away from their homes to escape abuse, violence, and poverty. They travel to big cities in the hopes of leaving that overwhelmingly difficult life behind, only to find themselves in the underbelly of the streets, alone and deprived. When thousands of children arrive at India’s enormous and crowded train stations, they are disoriented, afraid, and alone, with no idea what to do. They are forced to live on the platforms after having their ambitions ruthlessly crushed. This is happening with innumerable children on a daily basis.

For several troublesome reasons, children flee their homes or are compelled to do so. Many people desire a better future and the chance to work in urban areas. But without any resources at all, they are neither able to survive on the streets nor reunite with their families.

Abusers looking to take advantage of vulnerable and lonely children roam around in the hopes of finding these children to make them their prey for vested interests. They either exploit them by engaging the children in child labour or other forms of child trafficking, or other illegal activities like robbery, prostitution etc. This also compels many children to turn to substance misuse to handle their mental health and many other difficulties but addiction only makes matters worse.  

Salaam Baalak Trust, India’s well-known charitable trust in Delhi, has been working hard to help rescue and rehabilitate underprivileged children. SBT has been running multiple shelter homes to ensure children have access to food, shelter, safety, and assistance. SBT has been working hard for their welfare for over 30 years. It is time to protect more children and prevent them from being ignored or abused, and that is why SBT runs varied child-centric programmes besides its education programmes for children. The activities include mental health support, performing arts workshops, sports practices etc. You can donate for street children to help make a difference and gift a better and more promising future to these forgotten children.