Let’s Protect And Support Street Children And Their Future

In India, several children live on the streets. These children are not raised by anyone, rather they take care of themselves in every way possible. This is why disadvantaged children frequently work odd jobs or partake in illicit activities to support themselves. They struggle to find the minimal necessities, such as food, clothing, meals, and shelter, to survive the difficulties that engulf them. Their surroundings are unpredictable and dark. The underbelly of Delhi, in particular, is no place for young children and yet there are millions of underprivileged children who try every day to somehow survive those overwhelming streets. 

Street children in India engage in employment throughout those formative years as daily wagers to obtain basic resources. Although it has an impact on their mental, physical, and even emotional health, children persevere and work hard to earn minimum wages to survive on their own on the unforgiving streets.

A major amount of labour force constitutes children. For factory owners, this is the most cost-effective option because children are an illegal workforce and will labour for lesser money and a lot of hard work. Sadly, they are expected to work long hours in unsafe and unsanitary conditions in factories. Children can be found working in varied places, including local restaurants, vendor shops, and companies that produce crackers, clothes, coal, etc. Car cleaners, warehouse employees, porters at train stations and bus stops, messenger boys, and other odd jobs are just a few examples where children can be seen working. Another self-employed activity that frequently involves street children is rag picking. Children gather these arbitrary goods, such as plastic bottles, paper, and tin, which they can sell to make some basic money for food or any other essential resource. Children gather materials to sell for recycling from dustbins and other dumping areas nearby, also known as ragpickers. And yet, no one speaks up for them or protects them.

Street and working children are in desperate need of assistance. A reputable non-profit organisation in India, Salaam Baalak Trust, works with children in need to uplift and empower them through education, healthcare facilities, a safe shelter, performing arts programmes, mental health support etc. Your contribution can significantly improve the lives of children living on the streets. Donate for street children right away and help Salaam Baalak Trust make a real difference!