Street Children Face Extreme Life Struggles

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Children who live on the street lead extremely vulnerable lives. They can often be seen begging at traffic signals, loitering in the streets or engaging in odd jobs. These odd jobs can be at a tea stall, at train stations or bus stands, or could even include illegal activities. Unfortunately, many children on the streets are directly or indirectly compelled to participate in illegal acts like pick pocketing or something worse like peddling drugs, prostitution etc. There are many gangs across India that solely work near bus stands or railways stations to lure runaways or children separated from their families, to convince them to participate in illegal jobs to earn quick money. This pattern soon turns into a lifestyle that shakes the moral understanding of children and puts them in dangerous situations. A lot of children even fall into the trap of drug abuse which worsens their condition as they become more forthcoming to do anything to get their next batch for substance abuse.

There are millions of children in India who are on the streets, far off from quality education, regular healthcare support, safe shelter, or supervised guidance from responsible mentors. The mental as well as the emotional structure of such children begins to deteriorate and soon crumbles. Many children even disconnect with the hope of ever reuniting with their loved ones or becoming successful adults. This is because deprivation of basic resources directs all their energies into completing each day, without getting hurt and sleeping empty stomach. There are simply so many luxuries that children from privileged households take for granted but children on the streets ensure that they fend for themselves in any way possible, irrespective of the heavy price that they pay.

There are many NGOs in India that have been working relentlessly to extend complete support to street children, especially to rescue them and ensure that they live in a safe environment. Salaam Baalak Trust is one of the frontrunners in this context. You can also support SBT by donating for medical aid for children. Donate now.