Children on the Streets Find Comfort Amidst Chaos

In the face of abandonment and abuse early in life, millions of children are found living on the streets of India every year. In various nooks and corners of the country, homeless children are desperately hunting for stability and security, in terms of food, shelter and clothing. Most children do not understand that besides these essentials, other integral components required in their lives are education, healthcare and access to other extra-curricular activities to enhance their minds as well as protect their bodies. But why would children be aware of this – it is the job of adults to provide such resources for children to cash upon.

Finding a Solution
We all come across children who are beggars, hawkers, working at small shops, or even caught stealing and other such crimes. As bystanders, are we really participating in the solution to this deep-rooted problem that the society is suffering from. Children are meant to be the future of the country and yet, they are struggling to find their next meal, every day.

Over 30 years ago, Salaam Baalak Trust came up with a solution. A model that changed the lives of thousands of children in the country. SBT rescues abandoned children to provide them with a safe and sensitive environment that focuses on their growth.

Mainly, it works towards removing the walls of judgement towards disadvantaged children in society. Among other programs, SBT also provides full time and short-stay facilities for homeless children, a much-needed support system that continues to save lives of many children.

Take a Step
Besides educational aids, SBT believes in giving children a platform to showcase their artistic side. Studies also show that children from abused backgrounds stabilise faster with the support of performing arts and other creative mediums, like dance, theatre, painting etc. The mental health of street children begins to heal eventually.

Let’s not turn a blind eye, and let’s definitely not sit idle while children suffer from loneliness and lack of basic amenities. Start by becoming an ambassador of goodness, via time, skills or monetary support. Visit Salaam Baalak Trust’s social media platforms to keep yourself updated, and join the revolution.