Celebrate World Food Day By Helping Street Children Get Regular Meals

World Food Day

15th October is marked as World Food Day across the globe. This day is celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of food and also the harmful effects of unhealthy and irregular meals. Also, one of the main objectives of World Food Day is to throw light on the reality of less or no food available to many underserved communities in the world. Underprivileged children in Indiaare one of the worst-hit groups that face acute repercussions on their mental, physical, and emotional well-being due to starvation.

Healthy diets must be accessible to street children but this necessity and basic right continue to be a privilege for millions of at-risk children in India. Where food should be easily available and affordable, many children who live on the streets engage in the following activities to somehow make ends meet, to be able to have at least a meal a day.

  1. Many street children engage in odd jobs like working at dhabas, shops, selling everyday utilities etc. Child labour among street children is extremely common because most children do not have the money to fend for themselves, thus they become daily wagers to fill their bellies. 

  2. The yearning for food compel many street children to engage in illegal activities like pickpocketing, joining street gangs, or even prostitution. The needs of street children are neglected therefore, their source of income is derived from any means possible which affects their current as well as long-term health.

The impressionable years of a child’s life require for them to have regular and nutritious meals. The food must be well-cooked and prepared in a hygienic environment. Food, clothes, shelter is a right that must be extended to every child, irrespective of their economic background. Salaam Baalak Trust, a nonprofit organization based in Delhi, has been working tirelessly to ensure that street children feel safe, protected, and well looked-after. You can support the day and night shelter homes for children by Salaam Baalak Trust to ensure more street childrenhave access to a safe environment and healthy meals. This World Food Day, donate generously to Salaam Baalak Trust and ensure that street children under their careget three hot, cooked meals daily.