Food Protects Children from a Deteriorating Future

Protect Children from a Deteriorating Future

What do you mean by a powerful country? Is it their people, their financial resources, or their natural resources? Leaders all around the world would emphasise that a nation is made up of its people and their strengths. After all, it is true that a nation’s intellectual capacity is its most valuable asset. So, investing in nutrition is not a choice but rather a must, especially in the context of the future of any country – its children.

The sad reality is that we have failed to equip our population, our children, and our future leaders with the fundamental principles of nutrition. Many of us who live in cities are more concerned about choosing which cuisine to eat from all the options accessible to us than worrying about those who are experiencing physical pain due to starvation. There is a sizable portion of children who are barely hanging on and are fighting hunger at all times. They simply aim to consume any type of food to maintain their health and survive another day.

A complete plate of food is required for every child. To help disadvantaged children grow properly, especially those living on the streets, wholesome food is crucial. Daily protect them from ailments because they are full of the goodness of nutrients. Taking care of children and ensuring their healthy development as they grow up is one of the most crucial aspects of any form of development. The reality in India, however, is quite different. We have consistently failed to give our children the most basic care, including nutritious meals, which has led to their stunted growth and other nutritional issues.

Numerous students struggle with unrecognised hunger. You can help make a difference by donating to SBT, a reputable Indian NGO in Delhi NCR that has been running child-centric programmes to help India’s children have a happier and healthier future. SBT offers a sensitive and nurturing atmosphere for street and working children. SBT aims to give children a place where they can realise their full potential and their rights to a secure environment, an education, and good health and nutrition. Donate for children to ensure they have access to their birthright of daily meals!