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Performing arts

Recreation Creative and performing arts has always been one of the mainstays of our work with street children.
Through the experience of performing arts, Salaam Baalak Trust has successfully instilled a sense of self-confidence and dignity, in the lives of these children. For many children, performances provide an avenue to express themselves. There are numerous stories of children responding to the arts in miraculous ways, including wishing to go back home, abandoning drugs, making friends, getting encouraged to discuss their lives, finding their homes, and most of the times, themselves. The 'catharsis' happens here on different levels. Many of the children have gone on to become successful choreographers, photographers, puppeteers, actors, and their capacity to earn the respect they have in society as artists is great. Also, the exposure that these children get through the arts is immense; they travel the world and learn so much about art—and life. Our work in this field covers a variety of disciplines, including street plays, theatre for the stage, dance and puppetry:

SBT Dance PerformanceSBT Girls Dance Performance

Restoration and Rehabilitation
Salaam Baalak Trust emphasises repatriation and restoration of children to their families. Even though a safe space and an enabling environment exist within the residential centres for the child, as soon as a child's family is traced, adequate steps are taken in close coordination with the Child Welfare Committee to send the child back to the family. Over the years, the centre staff has restored children to far flung areas of the country and even outside the country, in cases where guardians cannot come to take the child back. Our centre staff, in coordination with local NGOs and panchayats (village council), follow up with the family to monitor its progress and readjustment.

Strengthening the independent will of children and preparing them for a life of their own forms another key component of SBT's work. SBT's philosophy has been to encourage dreams and help transform them into reality -dreams of a job; a monthly salary; four walls to call your own and above all a future. Vocational training, job placement and rehabilitation become the major instruments to lead the minds of SBT children forward into ever-widening thought and action towards fulfilling their dreams.

Group Dance Performance SBT children Sport Activity